How to make butter the old fashioned way

There aren’t many things that are as tasty as fresh homemade butter with freshly baked bread. We make butter regularly using cream that has been skimmed off full milk. Making butter is easy, even in the old fashioned way, but you can also make it using an electric blender, which speeds up the process a lot. With an electric blender or mixer this process usually takes only a few minutes. We use both methods, depending on how much time we have. Enjoy!


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Fermented Foods

One of the easiest fermented foods is fermented cabbage, or sauerkraut. It can ferment in its own juice, or in salty water. This video shows you two methods to try in order to get delicious and healthy food, high in vitamin C, that you can enjoy all winter long. I add red cabbage to achieve that deep, beautiful purple color, horseradish to make it last longer and give it spiciness, and quince to give it a fragrant aroma.

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Chickweed (Stellaria media)

davAbout the plant: Chickweed is a delicious wild food which grows in abundance and is often considered a weed in gardens. However, you can eat this plant raw and cooked as well, and it is also a medicinal plant for both external and internal use.

Why use chickweed in soups and salads?

  • It’s free.
  • It tastes great, reminds me on the flavor of creamed corn.
  • It is really good for you.
  • It grows in late autumn and early spring, when there aren’t so many other greens yet.

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Wild foods – dock flour pancakes

From wild flour to delicious healthy snack

Why use dock flour?

  • Dock seed flour is a great substitute for other types of flour.
  • It won’t cost you a thing.
  • It is naturally gluten free.
  • It tastes good! It has an earthy, nutty flavor.

About the plant: There are many types of dock, you have probably already ran into curled dock (rumex crispus, bitter dock or broad-leafed dock (Rumex obtusifolius). They are often seen as terrible weeds on the garden because of their deep root that is difficult to get rid of. it grows on grassy places as well as cultivated land, so usually its in abundance as a source of wild food. the reddish brown, tall stalks of the plant are easy to identify. Young leaves are also edible. Continue reading

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Various Cold Frame Designs

I built three different types of cold frames from old windows and recycled scrap wood from other construction projects. They are currently being tested to see to what extent they influence the yield as well as which one is the best out of the three. Continue reading

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The Organic Art Ranch Newsletter 2019

Dear friends near and far away,

We have had a few months all to ourselves to enjoy the slow living and prepare for 2020, which has a lot of promises. As we started writing this letter of 2019, we were hoping for snow and even rain, we have had the driest year in the last 8 years and an unusually warm October and November. Now it looks like we are snowed in! Luckily we have enough homemade preserves from the garden, and whiskey and wine to keep us warm throughout the winter, thanks to dear friends who didn’t forget about us.

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Secret Life of Transylvania

This video, made by Reinout Arents, a talented young artists from Belgium, beautifully captures some of the loveliest moments at the Organic Art Ranch in 2018. Happy moments, friendship, music, the many faces of Nature, and people united from many corners of the world sharing all this at our unique homestead. Enjoy and join us next year!

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