Ranch Immersion Experience



Come and experience our lifestyle as we strive towards sustainability and learn from us and from people in our community. You can familiarize yourself with the daily challenges of this lifestyle and see what it takes to go back to nature. You can learn some of the basics of traditional skill and real life skills, such as woodcutting and woodwork, haywork, gardening, ecological construction, cobwork, cheese masking, soap making, herbal medicine, jarring and preserving food.

The Ranch Immersion Experience is for you if you want to learn how to grow your own food and preserve it, use materials from the surrounding nature to fix a house, make your own cleaning products and cosmetics, rely on nature for medicine and enjoy a lower impact lifestyle.


We are looking for committed and motivated people who love nature and wish to have a healthier life closer to nature and in return help us with daily work around the farm. This includes gardening work, taking part in ecological construction projects, cleaning, cooking, harvesting and other jobs around the house.

Participants will receive free accommodation in exchange for their help. We share food costs. The Ranch Immersion Experience starts with a two weeks minimum commitment, between March and November. There are only a few positions at any given time, so please contact us ahead of time for availabilities.



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