Organic Art Ranch 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,


This year we wish you Happy Holidays from the Arctic Circle! We are enjoying this time of year here while the ranch is quietly sleeping. We are both here because Zsuzsi spent most of 2018 carrying out research at the university of Oulu, and she will spend also a part of 2019 in this magical place. This meant a big change for the Organic Art Ranch during 2018, less time spent in Transylvania but the birth of new ideas for the future. For this reason the garden and certain activities were less in focus than in the previous years. Despite this there were several workshops, including the first Thai Yoga Massage Workshop in Romania. For the same reason the 2018 season was much shorter, as we ended most of our activities by October. Continue reading

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Organic Art Ranch 2017 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends Near and Far,

Another exciting year is over, and it’s time to look back at the past twelve months again. Each year is successful in its own way, and even if certain aspects of homesteading are more difficult than in previous years, there is always plenty of space to learn. Each year we are getting deeper into modern homesteading practices, learning and teaching as we go, sharing the experiences and knowledge that we acquired and always being open to trying new ways. To see some of our past events and stories, please take a look at our updated website. New events and workshops will be added in the upcoming months. Continue reading

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In the shoes of a shepherd’s apprentice

Last year we decided to offer a special opportunity to the real lovers of adventure: a cultural exchange program as a shepherds apprentice. We organized this program to help our local shepherd and the growth of the local economy, as well as to offer a chance to learn, a very unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere else at the moment.

We received a lot of applications; it seems like trying the shepherd life for a while is enticing for many. At the end we chose Guillhem, who seemed the most suitable for this unique exchange. You can read about his experiences in this journal written by him, Continue reading

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Experiences in Herbalism


Love of herbs

Using herbs have always been in the major focus of our homestead life, including wild herbs growing in the area as well as the ones that we grow in the garden. Each year we managed to grow something new, to learn something about wild herbs and to also try new ways of using them. We started experimenting with tinctures, salves and other herbal products many years ago, each time learning something new and improving our methods. Continue reading

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Of the Moon and the Garden

When you live in the countryside or even further out in the wilderness, you become much closer to certain aspects of nature and you get to understand their purpose and their relevance, their indispensability more than you would ever think about in a city. The Moon is one of these; you might notice its beauty during full moon once in a while in the city but when you’re our in nature the transform into something more than just a beautiful sight. Continue reading

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2016 Newsletter

Dear family and friends,

Last year we had once again visitors from many corners of the world and were very busy around the ranch with new projects and some old ones. We learned new things and we taught things we know to visitors. You can read about some of these experiences in this letter. These were just a few that we need to mention, since we cannot write about everything and everyone; but we are thankful for all the precious company and help that was offered by all who joined us in 2016. Continue reading

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Newsletter 2015

“Sometimes a mortal feels in himself Nature

— not his Father but his Mother stirs

within him, and he becomes immortal with her

immortality. “ H.D. Thoreau

A bit late, but here it is! 2015 was a year when we noticed more than ever before how much the changes of nature impact our lives. Continue reading

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