Drum Circle Music Jam Weekend


The Hang Drum

We are happy to host Andri from Switzerland, a musician specializing in drums and percussion and traveling with his Hang drum. The Hang drum is a rare New Age instrument with a mystical sound.

Andri started by playing the drumset as child and after his travels and experiences with the rhythm of different cultures such as the ones from Senegal and Cuba, he now came to the Organic Art Ranch to share his experience by leading a group percussion jam.

For this special occasion we are organizing a drum circle weekend, where we welcome musicians with their own drums to join us for a night of music and rhythm. The drum circle weekend will be held at the Organic Art Ranch.

This will be more than a music lesson: it will be sharing experiences, techniques led by an experienced and skillful musician, who has been playing drums all his life, such as congas, djembe, cajon and more.

 What to bring:

your own instrument (any type of drum, such as the ones mentioned above)

tent and sleeping bag

some food to share (no canned or processed food, we suggest rice, cornmeal, homemade preserves, vegetables or fruits)

Arrival:Friday evening around 6 pm.

Leaving: Sunday morning after breakfast around 10 pm

To join the music jam weekend please write to us at info@organicartranch.org. We have limited places. If you are interested, send us an email with an application by Thursday noon. The application should describe your experience with drums and the reason why you would like to come and play at the Organic Art Ranch with Andri. Participants will be chosen according to their application. Please only apply if you have a drum.


Andri from Switzerland playing in the yard



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