Volunteering weekend – Waddle fence making

Volunteers needed between the 17th and the 19th of April!

Come help us make these beautiful fences with waves and shapes that remind you of the softness of water. Learn what type of branches to use to make your woven wooden fence come to life. We can also show you how to respect trees and what nature has to give.

Waddle fences are used all around the world, and they have been used since the mists of time. They are also ideal for making a live, green fence, that has leaves every year and pleases you with its beauty. Waddle fences create the perfect natural borders for your garden. We are looking for volunteers who love to be in nature and like doing outdoor work.

Limited space.
We will provide some food, but please bring food to share. We will cook together using the ingredients for a yummy lunch and supper.
Please, no canned food. You can bring along for instance: onions, seasonal vegetables, home cooked food, rice, pasta, potatoes, cornmeal, homemade preserves. Think Nature!

Sleeping: shared sleeping space, bring your own sleeping bag and mat.

Bring: warm clothing, raincoats, waterproof boots, gloves.

We have limited internet, so please text message us if you want to join +40 (742) 479 427 or send a message to info@organicartranch.org

Event link:



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