Introduction to Herbalism

Learning more about herbs can give you a great insight into your own health and wellbeing, as well as the health of the nature and Earth. Herbal medicine has been used for centuries, and by reconnecting with the old ways you can take a step back into the cycles of nature, and the harmony and balance it has to offer.

This Introduction to Herbalism workshop is an offer to create a connection with nature and understand what it has to offer us. Many herbal practitioners or herbal enthusiasts have the chance to study from different books about the power of herbs, but this doesn’t substitute a true immersion into an environment where you can gain hands on experience, enjoy long walks in nature gathering herbs while seeing all the beauty around.

Welcome to a world of herbs and green magic in the realm of the Transylvanian mountains and forest!

 From the schedule:

  • Theoretical approach: The basics of herbalism
  • Collecting herbs from the forest and meadows nearby
  • Plenty of hand on experience outdoors
  • Basics of growing medicinal herbs
  • Identifying herbs with focus on the seven major local herbs that can be found in most areas of Europe as well
  • Benefits of herbs: Usage, side effects, medicinal properties and uses of these herbs
  • Harvesting: the ecology of wild harvesting herbs, harvesting instructions for different herbs,
  • Using herbs drying herbs; making herbal preparations from fresh plants and dried plants
  • Making herbal tincture poultices, compresses, infused oils, liniments and ointments from both fresh and dried herbs, making medicinal creams
  • Creating you own home herbal medicine apothecary
  • Herbalism with using minimal supplies, sustainable herbalism practices
  • Meditation in Nature

The herb spiral


Edible flowers