Renewable Energy Workshop: Solar Power in Rural Areas

imageThe Organic Art Ranch is proud to support Engineers Without Borders, Austria by hosting a unique workshop on Renewable Energy concentrating on solar power in rural areas between the 22nd and 26th of May, 2015.

Engineers without Borders is a nonprofit organization that focuses on social development cooperation with a technical background. Engineers Without Borders Austria offers a platform mainly for technicians to enable community involvement in the development context. The members of this organization are volunteers.  More information about the Engineers without Borders here:

The workshop is dedicated to the development of solar power in rural areas, 11focusing on the practical use of solar power systems. During this  four day workshop a theoretical background and practical hands-on knowledge is presented to the participants. The workshop participants will work on a solar system, discuss its uses, and learn all the basic skills to become a solar power practitioner.

The workshop will be held at The Organic Art Ranch located in Rachitele Cluj-county, Transylvania. It will be conducted in German with some flexibility towards English. There will be an Open Day on Sunday conducted in English, which we welcome you to join. Please contact us for more information and availability.



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