Purified Coniferous Resin Salve

This scented and gentle salve is soothing for the skin. You will need only three ingredients to make it:

Infused oil

I used cold pressed sunflower oil as a base, because it’s local. You can use any local, cold-pressed oil, or whatever else you want. I infused dried yarrow, lady’s bedstraw, sage and calendula, which are all beneficial for the skin.

Beeswax and a bit of honey

I used local, from our mountain village. You can experiment with the amount of beeswax depending on how solid you want your salve to be.


You can collect resin without harming the trees. Just look around and you will find enough trees that already have some resin that can be collected. Resin usually has a lot of impurities, therefore you need to strain it before using it. This can be a bit messy, because it is very sticky, so it’s better to choose utensils that you will only use for this purpose. Don’t heat up the resin too much to make sure that the essential oils it contains don’t evaporate. You can clean resin from surfaces with alcohol.

Keep your salve in a cool, dark place. Enjoy!

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