Recycling and Upcycling

Clothing and jewelry swap Saturday

You cannot close the doors of your closet, and half of the things there you don’t even wear anymore. But you feel sorry to throw all those nice things out, and decide to keep them a little while longer. Beautiful things shouldn’t be hidden away and forgotten! If you have nice clothes and jewelry that you no longer wear, swap them, making someone else happy and freeing a space for new things in your life!

Recycle more and buy less, or swap it with someone so they don’t end up as garbage.


The clothing and jewelry that you decide to swap has to be in good condition and clean. Bring something that someone else will enjoy.

Please bring no more than 3-4 items with you that you want to swap.

Don’t be afraid to try a new style! Change can be a great thing.

Schedule: 20th of September

Arrive on Saturday morning.

We will wait for you with a hot mountain tea. Please bring something sweet to share (natural, not in a plastic bag). After getting to know each other, we have a soup with vegetables from our garden. Swapping will be done in the early afternoon.

Departure: Late afternoon and evening.


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