Weekend Permaculture Experience III.

Thanks for all the help this year from volunteers from all over the world – we have done a lot of things this season! Now it is time to put the garden to sleep and prepare it for the next season.

Volunteers needed at the Organic Art Ranch!
When? From Friday evening (25th of October) until Monday morning (27th of October)
The project: We need to prepare the garden for the winter.
Activities will include:
Digging, turning the beds,raking, sheet mulching, weeding, landscaping.

Welcome soup, singing, playing music, sharing stories. Bring your instruments! We have a guitar, a mandolin, several flutes and percussion instruments that are eager to be played.

Saturday and Sunday
8.30 breakfast (cereal, milk)
9.30-12.30 working in pairs in the garden
13.00- lunch and siesta

We will provide some food, but please bring food to share. We will cook together using the ingredients for a yummy lunch and supper.
Please, no canned food. You can bring along for instance: onions, seasonal vegetables, home cooked food, rice, pasta, potatoes, cornmeal, homemade preserves. Think Nature!

Sleeping: shared sleeping space, bring your own sleeping bag, we have some extra wool blankets.
Bring: warm clothing, raincoats, waterproof boots, gloves
Note: if somebody has the possibility to help us with transport up to the farm, please let us know. Thank you!
We have limited internet, so please text message us if you want to join +40 (742) 479 427 or send a message to info@organicartranch.org until Friday


Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1423297161221511


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