The Beginners Camera Weekend Workshop: Know Your DSLR, SLR, or Point and Shoot Camera Better

The Organic Art Ranch is happy to host another one of many photographic workshops that are presented this year. Since most people have some kind of camera, what better place to test your imagination and improve your skills than at The Organic Art Ranch? Our Ranch is a place where people can learn and express their artistic soul while experiencing and respecting nature.

Alise S. Wind.007.b

Roger teaches this beginning photography course by offering a quick and easy approach for beginning photographers to understand their cameras, the functions and the way to making great images. At our rural farm in the Transylvanian mountains our lessons will help you understand the basics of your camera and how to capture what your eyes see in nature. This weekend workshop is open to people of all ages and skill levels, regardless of their artistic nature.

 Course Details

Place: The Organic Art Ranch, Rachitele, Romania

Date: 13th of September -15th of September

Length in days: Weekend workshop

Hours: 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon

Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Minimum age:18

About the instructor

Roger is a well-established international photographer, offers his over 25 years of rogers2experience in the commercial photographic industry, such as editorial photography, fashion photography and commercial photography. Having worked in various continents and countries, he traveled around the world creating images, working primarily for the advertising and fashion industry both in Europe and the US.

What you will learn:

All our works hops are conducted in English with some flexibility in other languages. The workshop consists of both practical and theoretical parts. Guided by a master you will acquire the skills to leave the automatic setting of your camera behind and jump into acquiring the skills of a professional photographer. You will learn how to use your camera with an easy explanation of the basic concepts such as exposure, aperture and shutter speed. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have a better understanding of what all of the various functions on your camera do. Whether you have a point-and-shoot or a high-end DSLR you will leave refreshed and energized to create great images to be proud of. All the questions about your camera will be answered.

Workshop details

1. How the camera works
– F stop
– Shutter speeds

2. The Exposure
– How to measure the light
– The light meter
– Aperture priority mode
– Shutter mode

3. Exercises
-Composition in Nature

– Depth of field
– Freezing the moment
– Panning technique

 What you will see:

There will be enough free time to photograph the surroundings of the Organic Art Ranch, its deep valleys and the beautiful Transylvanian mountains all near to the famous local National Preserve, Parcul National Apuseni.


What to expect

Day 1 Friday.

-Welcoming to the workshop, getting to know each other talk by the fire.

Day 2 Saturday.

-Technical introduction to your Cameras, Lights and Nature.

-“Photo blitz” a unique approach to understanding your camera and yourself.

-Group Review of “Photo Blitz”

– Exploring the surrounding nature to capture what you see in your camera.

– Evening activities: campfire photo chats and a movie to inspire you.

Day 3 Sunday.

– Questions and answers

-Further theoretical information about cameras and your images.

-Free photo time and one on one time

-Goodbye tea or coffee in the afternoon


Tent camping (outdoor facilities: compost toilet only, no showering possibilities)

Rooms in a small mountain guesthouse

Single room (private room)


Please bring your own food. Since we are an eco farm we are respecting nature by minimizing waste and garbage. We do not have waste disposal possibilities, so refrain on canned food and excessive plastic packaging. Do not forget: “pack it in, pack it out”. Note that here are no stores nearby. You will have access to outdoor fire-pit.

 What to bring:

· Note pad and pencils, USB stick with prior images and free space
· Cameras such as DSLR’s where ISO, Aperture and Shutter can be adjusted.
· Warm clothing for the night

· Sleeping bag & isolating mat if camping
· Musical instruments if you play, or art to share


You can register now for the workshop to secure your place. Once we receive the registration form you will receive a confirmation email from us with directions to the farm.


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