Workshops and Events



Our workshops are oriented towards people of all ages who wish to have a taste of an alternative lifestyle and make a change and help others, people who are eager to learn new things, students, artists, musicians, enthusiasts, lovers of nature.

We offer more than just classroom style workshops. Our workshops are based on Nature and Art with the enjoyment of the great outdoors. It is easy to just head out and camp, but imagine learning while relaxing over a weekend a special technique you can use to improve your own well being. Attending one of our workshops is more than just a classroom course, it is time away from the city and interacting with new friends.

Come visit us and learn!

For more events please follow us at our Facebook page.


 Workshops and events 2018

June: Modern Homesteading in Nature 

July 13-17:  Introduction to Herbalism 

July 21-22 and 28-29: Guided Herb Tours 

August 3-5: Thai Yoga Massage Workshop 


May-October: Ranch Immersion Experience

June-SeptemberNature Retreat

June-October:Artist Residency


Workshops and Events 2017

30th of June- 4th of July: Modern Homesteading in Nature 

14th – 18th of June: Introduction to Herbalism 

May-October: Ranch Immersion Experience

June-SeptemberNature Retreat

June-October:Artist Residency

May-October: Transylvania equestrian getaway adventure: Horseback adventure through the wilderness of Transylvania


Workshops and events 2016

March 18-20 Weekend Ranch Experience- Waking up the garden

April 29-May 8 Natural Building Workshop

May 13-15 Fashion in the Hills Photography Workshop

More workshops coming soon!

Workshops and events 2015

Beltane Weekend

From Folk to Rock Jam Session

Handmade Soap Workshop

Reneweble Energy in Rural Areas: Solarpower

Waddle fence making

Weekend Ranch Experience

Workshops and events 2014

Inspired by Nature. Waddle Fences

Irish and Folk Jam Session

Nature at Close-Up: Birdwatching and Birdringing Weekend

Cob throwing summer event. Ecological construction workshop

The Carnival of Light Beatles Party

Fashion in the Hills III.

Mealsharing Saturday

Recycling and Upcycling

Fashion in the Hills IV.

The Alternative Fashion Weekend in Nature

Putting the garden to sleep, part I.

Workshops and events 2013

Eco Construction Techniques Workshop, Cob Building

Weekend Permaculture Event Rain or Shine I.

Weekend Permaculture Event Rain or Shine II.

Weekend Permaculture Event – Putting the Garden to Sleep

Creative Photography Workshop

Fashion in the Hills

Alternative Photographic Workshop: Printing with Liquid Photographic Emulsion

The Beginners Camera Weekend Workshop: Know Your DSLR, SLR, or Point and Shoot Camera Better

Drum Circle Weekend

New Year’s Party: Romanticism in Nature



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