Transylvanian equestrian getaway adventure

Horseback adventure through the wilderness of Transylvania

This year you can enjoy the great outdoors and have an experience you will never forget. You can see a part of Transylvania off the beaten path, with no tourists and stress. Experiencing Transylvanian scenic routes from a horseback is relaxing and exciting at the same time, suitable for families and children as well.

During the two day journey leading through hills and forests you can see wildlife, admire the scenic route, enjoy the beauty from the saddle.The journey starts at a small village called Savadisla, and ends at the Organic Art Ranch, right at the border of the Apuseni National Park.

During the two day adventure you can experience overnight camping in nature, warm meals by a campfire under the stars, crossing forests and small villages on the way towards the Carpathian mountains. When you arrive to the Organic Art Ranch, you can enjoy a hot outdoor shower, warm meal and greatest hospitality in the region. Once you arrive to the Organic Art Ranch, you can take a few days to explore the mountains, caves, and hikes.

This is a private tour for two/three people with a guide. Dates can be requested between May and October. Please contact us at for more information and to reserve a place.