Fashion in the Hills II.


Photographers, Models and Artist,

Welcome to the second edition of Fashion in the Hills! Get inspired by nature at the Organic Art Ranch.

 Rain or snow, sun or clouds, we will all gather at the Organic Art Ranch at 18.00 in the evening, October 18th through the 20th. You can also drop in for one day! Guided by a fashion photographer you will learn and practice making fashion portraits in nature. We will be using natures many faces and lighting conditions, we will combine its picturesque mountain backgrounds with fashion creativity and imagination.

Keep in mind that the idea of this meeting is to help each other by teaching and learning from one another through photography. The topic is fashion and nature, we will discuss these two aspects and discover ways that they fit together. At the same time photographers will be models and models will be photographers.

Let’s have fun and makes some nice pictures!


Friday: We get to know each other talk about our ideas and plans of photography. There will be some hot soup for all waiting at the house. We will arrange the sleeping spots by those that are tough and those that are brave.

Saturday: Shoot all day until the sun goes down and then more. The idea is to break off in groups and use the people and the nature around us to make fashion images. There will be a midday break for lunch and the groups will rearrange to get a better diversity.

In the evening more eating and more talking, fun, playings some music (bring your instruments!)

Sunday: goodbye brunch and looking at the photos together.

What to bring:

An open mind


We will provide some vegetables from our organic garden, herbs, fresh milk and homemade cheese. Please bring some food to share that we will use to cook warm dishes: rice, polenta, pasta, vegetables, homemade stuff is always great; the jarred stuff Grandma gave you! Please do not bring canned stuff…Think fresh think Nature!

Meal preparation and cleaning should be a group effort.

Bring your sleeping mat and bag

Your personal flashlight.

Bring your Photo stuff, a camera (any kind)

warm clothing

Accommodation will be in our mountain house.

There is a guesthouse available 5 minutes away, contact us for more information.

Send us a message if you would like to join by the 15th of October. Limited places.


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