Dreamtime Cultural Induction and Moonwatching Night

13177442_1346129792069167_4390971809322149163_nCome with us upon a journey through the lore of the Australian indigenous. The event is led by resident Australian bushman Dylan Lockhart who is able to provide profound knowledge on the Aboriginal “Dreamtime” and culture as well as tales from the bush.
Under stars and the radiant moon stories will be told and dreams will be explored. Dream sharing and Dream interpretation will be aided by the campfire in a spiritual setting.

What to bring:

Dreams that you want to share
A dreamjournal if you have one
Musical instruments, drums
An open mind

Arrival: Friday evening
Departure: Saturday noon.
Please bring food to share for the event that we will use to cook warm dishes: rice, polenta, pasta, vegetables, homemade stuff is always great; the jarred stuff Grandma gave you! Please do not bring canned stuff, plastic etc…Think fresh think Nature! Palinka is welcome!

Meal preparation and cleaning should be a group effort.
Bring your sleeping mat and bag
Your personal flashlight.
Warm clothing

Accommodation will be in our mountain house and in the camping area around.
Send us a message if you would like to join as soon as possible. We have limited spots, reservation deadline is Thursday noon.