How to grow beautiful carrots and what to do with them

I had a great time growing these carrots and came up with a delicious recipe, I hope you enjoy it!

These are Manpukuji carrots that I’ve grown in a large wooden container that I built from wood and filled with sand. Manpukuji carrots are from Japan and have the tendency to grow long. I used granite sand but any kind of sand would do the job. I added a metal mesh to the bottom of the raised bed, so no critters can get in and damage my carrots. I sowed the seeds in May because it was a very cold spring, but usually I sow carrots as early as March. I had some issues with the weight of the sand pushing the boards out and damaging the box to a some extent, which means that next year I will have to add metal hinges or something strong to reinforce it.

The recipe is this:

equal parts of organic rye and whole wheat

oil and water at a ratio of 4:1


egg, pepper, cheese and cream (I used 3 eggs and didn’t add any salt because the cheese was quite salty already)

You need a sharp peeler to have very long, thin slices of the carrot that can be used to create the beautiful curls of the roses.

I baked these mini pies at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

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