Artist Residency Program

The next deadline of our Artist Residency Program is the 10th of June, 2022. We can only choose one artist at a time, so apply now!

We have established our artist residency programs to support young artist who are traveling and offer them a chance to have a peaceful place to create their artwork during their travels or to just get away from the city to clear their mind. The artist residency allows each visiting artist to experience our place, the surroundings and find their muse in the silence of the night. We believe that nature is a great inspiration for artistic expression.

We live in a semi remote area in a mountain village, with only a handful of neighbors and a beautiful view. We also wish to connect visiting artists with the local community, to give them the opportunity to create while enjoying slow, simple way of life. With this residency program we would like to motivate artists to go back to their roots, to find solitude for pursuing creativity closer to nature and find their artistic expression.

Our artist residency program is open to all types of artists. Until now we have had musicians (piano, hang drum, violin, accordion), music producers and lyricists, writers (novel and short story writers from England and Australia), painters, photographers and graphic artists. Contact us about deadlines for 2022 and how to apply.

“In the fresh mountain air, surrounded by nature’s myriad colours and scents, the Organic Art Ranch provided me the perfect sanctuary to unwind, clear the mind and focus on my writing. Every morning I awoke feeling inspired; I’d watch the changing shades of the mountains and the shapes of the clouds; my creative thoughts started flowing and I finally started recording them. I wrote more whilst at Organic Art Farm than I’d ever written before and I thank Zsuzsi and Roger for being so accommodating and helpful. The serene location, the absence of city distractions and the fresh, organic meals helped me feel invigorated and ward off the laziness and procrastination that usually plagues me. Thank you so much, I hope to see you again!” Bronnie from Australia

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