Weekend Ranch Experience

We are continuing our Weekend Ranch Experience events this fall. Welcome to where the clouds are born!

This October we welcome people who want to see how the Organic Art Ranch works, who don’t mind doing work outside and getting their hands dirty, who happily help us with our homesteading chores, try some gardening, enjoy the silence of nature, go hiking, and live with us for a couple of days. Be in nature, learn from us, try a different lifestyle, breath in the fresh mountain air.


Available dates:

13-15th of October

Friday evening
Arrivals, welcoming, showing you around
Campfire, singing, good food
Exchanging ideas and stories

8.00 communal breakfast ( fresh cowmilk, cereal, homemade jams, toast)

9:30 -12.30 Working on one of our projects

13.00 – 14.00 Communal outdoor lunch ( if it’s sunny)

15.00 – 18.00 Continuing the project or trying another project

20.00- communal dinner

Evening and night – music, campfire, stargazing

11.00- farmer’s brunch
Free activities ( going for a walk, discovering the forest, hiking, visiting the waterfall, lying in the grass, playing games, resting in the hammock etc.)

The Weekend Ranch Experience ends on Sunday around noon, there is a bus that leaves from Rachitele to Cluj around 2 pm.

Work could include working on our ecological construction projects, gardening, chores around the house. You will experience what it means to live closer to nature, a more simple lifestyle, and explore the beautiful mountain village and surrounding wilderness at the foot of the Apuseni mountains.

Activities may include: digging, cob work, ecological insulation work, ecological plumbing work, working with straw, carrying materials, landscaping, weeding, harvesting, working in the greenhouse, transplanting, watering, cutting branches, chopping wood, organizing materials, cleaning, getting water, helping the neighbors.

In order to participate in the Weekend Ranch Experience you MUST arrive Friday evening

We will provide some food, but please bring food to share. We will cook together using the ingredients for a yummy lunch and supper.
Please, do not bring canned food. You can bring along for instance: seasonal vegetables, home cooked food, rice, pasta, potatoes, cornmeal, homemade preserves. Think Local, Seasonal, think Nature! Please bring at least one kg of vegetables and one kilo of dry goods (pasta, beans, lentils or rice)per person. If you like to drink, you are also welcome to bring your own drinks.

Sleeping: shared sleeping space, please bring your own sleeping bag and mat.

Bring: warm clothing, raincoats, waterproof boots, gloves, flashlight

If you want to join call us at +40 (742) 479 427 or send a message to info@organicartranch.org. Limited spaces.