Handmade soap workshop


Making your own cosmetics starts with learning how to make soap that you can use for showering, for your hair, and for your laundry. Soapmaking in an old method that survived in local traditions all over the world.
Learn how to make your own cold process soap with us! We will show you how to use different herbs, infusions, natural colors and scents to make your natural soap. These soaps won’t contain preservatives and harmful chemicals that many commercial soaps do contain. You can use your creativity and make a soap that you will enjoy day by day.

During the handmade soap workshops you will learn the basics of the saponification process, how to make a basic herbal infusion, using different mould for the soap, proportions and ingredients, curing your soap and more.

After the workshop you will take your own handmade soap with you home.
All the ingredients for the soap and the tools will be provided.

Date: 25th of July


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