Visiting us

14224693_1446998991982246_1239969360016538863_nThank you for a great 2018 season! 

We are grateful for all the wonderful visitors from all around the world who decided to visit us in the previous years. We are closing our season for 2018, applications for 2019 are open soon. Follow us for updates. Please write to us and tell us your story if you are interested in joining us in our small mountain village.

Our place is designed for tranquility, so you may get away from the city life and enjoy nature. We can offer you an experience that will be unique, a chance to see how a traditional mountain village is today in Transylvania, and how we live our daily lives in a secluded village at the border of the National Park. We are not interested in tourism, instead we would like to offer an experience that you cannot find elsewhere.

Come as a Guests and enjoy a peaceful, unique getaway!

Join our Artist Residency Program and get inspiration to create in nature!

Try our work exchange and cultural exchange program through the Ranch Immersion Experience!

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