Guests – Nature retreat

Contact us if you would like to be a guest at the Organic Art Ranch.

We welcome people who are interested in seeing and experiencing a different lifestyle, with more nature, more healthy food, less stress and more simplicity. Travelers who would like to see how we grow our food, how we use the herbs in the surroundings, and how we try to integrate sustainability in both our renovation methods as well as our community.

At our place you can enjoy nature and be close to the Apuseni Natural Park. There are caves, forests, a lake and a waterfall close by, ideal for short walks and long hikes. We offer a rustic experience with a beautiful view. Our place is unique because it offers a glimpse into a more simple, slow, natural lifestyle with beautiful sunrises and quiet evenings. It is ideal if you want to get away from the rush of city life.

We offer you an experience to stay in a room renovated using natural materials, with wood, clay and a cozy atmosphere. The garden room, which you can enjoy during your stay, is right next to the garden. You can relax and learn about what we grow here if you are interested in plants and growing your own food.

We like doing house swapping as well during certain time periods!


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