The Organic Garden

Our organic garden is full of fresh herbs, juicy vegetables with a rich taste and a sunny fruit orchard. Come enjoy great tasting, healthy food with us! During the first seasons we were focusing on using local traditional gardening methods and slowly we learned more and implemented more permaculture and biodynamic methods.

We have our own organic farm in the mountains, a place where we lead a more simple life, living in balance with nature. One of the ways you can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle and green living is by supporting organic products, but in fact you have the chance to create your own organic garden with a little help from us. Organic farming is one of the major components of sustainable living. Food that you grow and harvest with your own hard work has a different taste altogether.

Our garden is the first step to sustainability. In a few words: sustainable living consists of a natural balance between humanity and Earth. People who follow a sustainable lifestyle try to reduce their carbon footprint by using alternative ways of construction, transportation, energy consumption and diet, thus reducing the consumption of resources that burden our planet. By using natural resources responsibly and by learning from our communities you can also change your lifestyle, have a healthier body, a less stressful life and a more eventful path, while promoting sustainable living practices. Our farm aims for sustainability.

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