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Upcoming projects

The more people understand and see that you can have a great life without harming others and polluting the planet, the better the future will be. By introducing our visitors to our alternative lifestyle living by the principles of permaculture can really work. We live in harmony with nature and we enjoy its abundance day by day and aim towards a sustainable future for everyone.

We are still learning about permaculture and we keep its ethics and principles as our main targets in our community. Living as one with nature is one of the most important purposes of choosing this way of life, but we also are great supporters of community living, an treating fairly our neighbors, sharing what we have with them and doing non monetary exchanges with the locals.

We organize workshops where you can learn sustainable living practices from local people, see their methods that they have been using for generations, and living in harmony with nature. In the future we are planning upcoming projects and workshops in the following fields: herbalism, ecological construction, art, modelling, fashion photography, wood work, permaculture. Come to learn from us at the Organic Art Ranch or share your knowledge with us!

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