Experiences in Herbalism


Love of herbs

Using herbs have always been in the major focus of our homestead life, including wild herbs growing in the area as well as the ones that we grow in the garden. Each year we managed to grow something new, to learn something about wild herbs and to also try new ways of using them. We started experimenting with tinctures, salves and other herbal products many years ago, each time learning something new and improving our methods.

Recently we experimented for the first time with tinctures made of roots. It was surprising how different these tinctures were compared to the ones which have been made from the aerial part of the plant. At the moment all tinctures are being aged and we’re experimenting with new ideas to make them even more potent.

Herbalism - tinctures

Herbalism – tinctures

In 2016 we had our first herbalism workshop, where people could learn not only about the most important ideas of using medicinal herbs but they also got a hand on experience of collecting herbs, drying them, and using them in various ways. We showed them how to make simple infusions and decoctions of herbs, but they also learned how to make herbal tinctures, salves, creams, vinegars and other wonders of nature’s pharmacy. You can read about the workshop here. 

During the herbalism workshop we took lovely long walks through the forest and the fields, through swampy areas and dry rocky places. We saw plants everywhere, some of them very different than others, but in all places there were medicinal herbs that we collected or admired. Up here at the pathway to the mountains is especially rich in medicinal herbs, including rare wild herbs such as arnica, which are hard to find and extinct in most other European countries.

One of the nicest parts of the workshops was being able to see how the participants connected with nature around just after the first walk, how they found their passion for herbs and how they discovered what nature has to offer. Our surroundings offer a great wealth in natural medicine, rare plants and beautiful untouched meadows and forests.


Root tinctures

One of the special moments in 2016 was when professors from Switzerland came to teach the members of Transylvanian Herb Garden more about sustainable practices and low-impact herbs harvesting, as well as biodynamics. They visited us at the Organic Art Ranch, which was a unique chance for us to learn as we walked together through the lands looking at plants, and to see everything put into practice and work so well. It has surely been a great inspiration, especially since Weleda has always been an example of creating herbal cosmetics and medicine on a higher level

2017 will bring us new perspectives and new ideas to put into practice. We are continuously learning and making our practices better. We will organize another herbalism event for all the plant lovers out there and for those who believe in the magic on nature, you can find upcoming workshops here.

Everything around us is connected. This is why when we are feeling ill, the balance within is disturbed, we can find the remedies in nature’s pharmacy. Herbs can be soothing in many ways, often not only by their medicinal properties but also because of their aromas and magic.


Herbal soaps

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