Power of the Sun

 We are grateful for the Engineers Without Borders from Austria, who made the workshop of Solar Power in Rural Areas a success. This renewable energy workshop was held at the Organic Art Ranch last weekend.

The busy hands and great attitude all contributed to an outcome that we gazed at with wonder. Under the cloudy skies the rays of the sun produced enough energy to light our little house. We were delighted to meet a group with such extensive knowledge and skills, but also fun, motivated and eager to work together towards a common aim. Even the weather was on our side, as it rained heavily in the area, we only got mild rain, silky fog and even some sunshine.

 We are very thankful to Matthias, workshop leader, who combined theory, practice and enjoyment with great results, the Engineers Without Borders from Austria, a group that we will always remember as one that knows how to work hard and have fun hard, the helpers and volunteers, our neighbors and local community members who joined us to witness how the sun produces energy, our friends and all who helped us make this event be successful. You are all welcome again to where the clouds are born, and every time we turn to lights on, we will remember you.

“…Air filled with grass humidity. Splendid view from the toilet. Seeing the things that remain void in the head. At 4 ½ hectar. Volt, Ampere and a PV-Module.”

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