“Waste Not Want Not”. Our New Dry Compost Toilet

April 1st was the beginning of our new season and a new beginning for us to contribute towards making the environment that much cleaner.  We have made an ecological choice due to the influence of former workshop attendees Jo and Ronald from Belgium. We too learned at our own workshops. Our choice is to move away from a traditional pit privy, not to build a sceptic system, and to help the environment by choosing a dry compost toilet.

Every year hundreds of millions of liters of ground water is wasted and polluted due to toxic conditions of sceptic tanks.Thanks to the research of Joseph Jenkins and his wonderful book “The Humanure Handbook” we have chosen to compost our human waste and constructed with the help of volunteers our new artistic humanure toilet.

Thank you all for your influence, teachings and advice, together we can make a difference and stop polluting the Earth.

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