Retrospect from 2013 – Eco construction workshop

We are getting ready for our eco construction workshop!

While waiting for participants to arrive from as far as the USA, we have been conducting some experiments of ecological construction with out workshop maister, Sebastian Von Valkenstein. The idea of the purpose of the experiment is multiple. We have tested various combinations of lime, clay, earth and straw for purposes of insulation and construction. We have taken into consideration weight, efficiency, degree of insulation and effect as insect and rodant reppelent.


Making bricks from clay and straw

In the meantime with the help of our friends and neighbors we have organized a supply of bio and local foods for the attenders of the workshop and guests. Home made preserves and garden grown vegetables will be soon filling our earth cellar!

Guest and attenders of the Eco Construction Techniques Workshop, welcome!


Wooden frame for clay bricks


Straw bricks experiment


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